Marathon Training, Week 2


Marathon training this week got off to a rough start. I had to push my runs later into the week as I tried to get over my battle against the evil Strep Throat. I ran a little slower and cut one 3 mile run down to 2.4 miles. By the end of the week I was running strong. My mom was visiting for the weekend, and after a long and exhausting day at the Alabama-Penn State game, I finished my 6 mile long run on Sunday afternoon. It was far from ideal running weather. The temperature was over 90 degrees with the feel like temperature close to 100. I packed two bottles of Gatorade on my fuel belt and rehydrated often. Still, I was overheating because I just don’t sweat much when I run. I was feeling pretty bad by mile 4, and a breeze coming off the lake would make me shiver and get goose bumps on my arms. This should not happen at 100 degrees! Still, I managed to finish in an hour and felt good after the run.


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