Marathon Training, Week 3


This week I felt like everything was right. I am in the swing of getting up and out the door early for runs before work and the insane heat. It feels good to get up and moving like that because you feel like you are accomplishing something. My long run was 7 miles this week, and I was done before 7 am. I was tired by the afternoon, but I was glad not to have the run still hanging onto my to do list.

While on this week’s long run, I felt much better in the cooler weather than last week. It was dark when I started, and as I passed some early morning fishermen on the lake, I looked back and saw the sun rise over my shoulder. I thought about how marathon training is not just about the accomplishment if the marathon but the little accomplishments in getting there. I ran 7 miles! I have not run that far in 13 years! And I was not sore when I was done! That is cause for celebration as much as anything else.


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