Five at Five


This morning’s long run was 5 miles, but I had to be up at 5 to run since we had to leave the house by 7 for B’s cheerleading. I get up before 5 to run during the week, but something about getting up at 5 on a weekend felt unbearable. The alarm went off at 5, but it was closer to 5:30 by the time I got dressed and got half a cup of coffee.

It was only 5 miles, but from the way my body fought the run you would have thought it was 50. I had a million complaints. It’s too early. Nobody is up and running this early on a Saturday. About that time I passed two other women out running. My new Mizuno Wave Riders were aggravating a problem tendon in my ankle. I wished I had braided my hair. I was hot and wished I had not worn a short sleeved shirt. It was hot. Why do I have to live where it is so hot and humid? I’m worn out and sore from running in the morning and doing TKD at night so often this week.

Luckily my self control was stronger than the gripes. I kept giving myself a little talking to. “Shut up and run. This is the shortest long run you’ll ever have. It’s a little five mile loop. So, shut up and run!”

At the two mile mark I let myself slow down and drink a little Gatorade. And then I fell into rhythm and ran the last three miles with ease and without gripe.


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