Great Running Day!


Yesterday when I woke up at 5 I looked at the temperature as I let the dog out.  42 degrees.  I felt glad I was waiting another two hours to leave on my run.  Temperature when I left the house at 7 am?  39 degrees.  In South Mississippi.  In early October.  Wasn’t I complaining about the heat just like 2-3 weeks ago?  We seriously went from morning temps of high 70s to 40s in the span of a week.  Crazy, but good for me.  I’m from New Jersey.  I am used to running in the cold and snow because that’s when training begins for the spring track season.  The cold air felt great to me.  By one mile in I felt great.  Plus, I was sporting my new Garmin (aside: I had first received my Garmin weeks ago only to discover it would not work and had to get it exchanged.  This was my first run with a working Garmin.) Five miles never seemed to flow so well.  And I finished in 42 minutes.  That makes for an average pace of 8:20.  This is far faster than I was running a mere 5-6 weeks ago.  I have felt so encouraged by this week and excited about the training to come.  Bring it!


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