Marathon Training, Week 7


105.7 miles down and 356.2 miles to go. So far training has been going well. I’m feeling tired this weekend, but I am still feeling surprisingly strong given my lack of base building through the summer. I have next to no aches or pains and am not sore after long runs yet. I am surprised by how well I have adapted.

At the same time, I have started looking ahead at the schedule and must admit that it is freaking me out. That’s a lot of miles! I only hope I can hold out half as well as I have this far. I have started to think that to get there I will have to pay more attention to my eating and resting habits. They are not bad, but I need to focus on being more consistent about fueling my body. I also need to make more time for stretching. That has been minimal, and I know it is key to staying injury-free.

I am not going to be wearing these for more than some running on the track with my kids, but I was excited to finally get a pair of Vibram Five Finger sprint shoes! They feel great, and they have been quite the talk everywhere I have gone.


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