The 16 Mile Report


Yesterday I completed my 16 mile training run for the marathon. I’ve been pretty down on myself after last week’s 15 mile run. I’ve doubted the wisdom in doing this at all and wondered how on earth I am going to run the full 26.2 when 15 felt like it would do me in for good. I’ve wished I started with a better running base. It is HARD.

But I have kept going because that is what I do. I’ve been helped by some words of encouragement from a friend who ran NYC two years ago. It is still hard and still hurts, but at least I feel like that is normal. So, I try my best to focus on the positive.

1. I ran 16 miles with no signs of injury!! That should be a cause for celebration all by itself.

2. I was ready to die by mile 12. My abs were screaming at mile 13. My legs were jelly at mile 15. But I still felt better than last week. Which is not saying much, but again, still cause for celebration.

3. I wore my Mizuno Wave Riders and a sock with a little more toe cushioning than I had been wearing. The result was far less foot pain, and my toenails were sore but not burning.

4. A little Bodyglide solved last week’s chafing issues.

5. Drank more water early on in the run and felt better. Had a vanilla gingerbread Gu at mile 5. My stomach was not happy. I think I would have been ok with only half the Gu packet at a time, so I am going to try that next week. Lately the Gatorade has been bothering my stomach late in the run too. But since I could not stomach another Gu at mile 10, I did ok with the Gatorade. I am not going to be able to Gu late in the marathon, so hopefully the sports drink will be ok.

6. I am thankful for my body’s ability to recover so quickly. My legs have never felt as much pain as they did when I stopped running yesterday. A few hours later, however, I was fine. No lactic acid buildup today.


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