Stupid Cold


Really, with all the travel I’ve been doing, all the miles I’ve been logging, and all the general life chaos I have been exposed to in the last 8-10 weeks it is no surprise that I am sick with a cold.  I can usually kick it at the first sign of impending sickness by dosing up on vitamins and going to bed early.  I tried this again last night but was not counting on my son, also sick, waking me SIX TIMES during the night.  So, I’m sick and after a full day of teaching, I am totally wiped out.  The experts say I can run as long as I don’t have a fever, but I could not bear to think about running this morning or tonight.  I am not sure how I’ll be able to run 8 miles tomorrow.  I don’t know how you find the balance between getting rest because all of your extra energy is being expended in fighting off the sickness and not falling behind on your training schedule.  Well, at least this week can be a little slower for Thanksgiving break and a mere 12 mile long run.

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