Even My Nose Loves Running Now


Yes, I’m sick with an annoying cold.  I made it through two rough days of work before everyone started Thanksgiving break.  I didn’t do any running because by 3 pm every day I felt like I had run a marathon.  I could barely pull myself off the couch when I got home at night.  This morning I went for a run.  I missed a 4 mile and 8 mile run this week.  Today I ran 5 miles.  My legs felt great and ready to go.  My lungs, however, were screaming.  They felt like bricks.  Every half mile I had to stop to blow my nose.  But hey, I got out there.  I have been questioning whether or not I should bother doing the 5 mile race tomorrow morning.  I hate going when I am in such bad racing condition.  I know I will want to RACE.  On the other hand, I need to complete a 5 mile run tomorrow, so I might as well do it there in that fun environment.  I stopped trying to breathe through my nose in the last 2.5 miles today.  I wonder if a Breathe Right strip would make a difference.  Or a steroid shot.  Or a hot toddy at the starting line.


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