Hobble Then Gobble 5 Mile Race Report


I had a 5 mile run scheduled for Thanksgiving morning, so when I found a local 5 mile race going on signing up was a must. I had been anticipating a good run on a cold fall morning. I thought it would be a great chance to test how my training was going and get a PR. I was not anticipating being sick with a cold or the 73 degree start temperature.

When I lined up to start the race, I ran into a student who is not a regular runner but in good shape. She took off fast at the start, but I had caught up with her by the mile 1 marker. I was not feeling too bad and set two goals: to finish ahead of her and to beat 42 minutes. I only had to blow my nose once in the first half and thought I was doing great until things started to fall apart at the turnaround. My lungs were starting to burn and feel full of fluid. My nose was running lime mad. My legs were ready to rock, but my head and chest were like rocks. At mile 4 I actually had to stop and walk for a few seconds to really blow my nose. After that I decided that I was going to just push as hard as I could because the end was nearly in sight.

I did meet both of my goals. I finished a few minutes ahead of my student and clocked a new PR of 41:34. I’d like to get under 41 minutes next time, and I think I could do it on a cooler and healthier day. Still, so very thankful.

I don’t have a list of things I am thankful for that I think of today. I know every day that I am blessed far beyond anything I deserve. I am grateful and humbled every day. So, I do my best to take every day by storm to use and appreciate those blessings. Happy Thanksgiving! Try to bring a little Thanksgiving into every day.


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