Stepping Back


I guess it was good this was a step back week in training because this cold has really been dragging me down for the last week.  A week later, I’m still sick, but I’m functioning again.  I got in my 12 mile run on Sunday, and I survived.  I had to be easy on myself.  I couldn’t run faster than a 9:30 pace and still breathe, so I had a nice slow pace and didn’t push for the first time on a long run.  I also had to give myself the liberty to stop and walk for a few seconds about every 0.75 miles to really blow my nose and clear the goop out of my lungs.  I still finished in well under my 120 minute goal and was feeling just fine.  As for this week’s 18 mile run?  I feel rather Scarlett O’Hara-esque in my approach.  I know it is looming out there, but I will now allow myself to think on it.  Not today.  And not tomorrow.  I will continue to push it out of my head until Friday.



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