Not the Best Run Ever


Yesterday was a 14 mile long run snuggled in between the 18 and 20-mile long run weekends.  Piece of cake, right?  Not so much.  My body is fatigued from the training and the Christmas preparing and the final examining.  My toe had been feeling better at the end of the week.  I re-laced my shoes higher up leaving the bottom eyes open to put less pressure on my bunion.  I was hopeful that I would make it through the run and that all would be right with the world.  At mile 10, my toe started to hurt pretty bad.  To make matters worse, my pre-run fueling was clearly not up to par.  I started to bonk at mile 11.  I was popping extra Gu chomps and Gatorade, but I think it was about too late to make much of a difference.  Their positive impact was marginal.  At mile 12 I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to keep running on my sore foot and stand any chance at all of running 40 miles this next week.  So, I stopped and walked.  For a whole mile.  I tried to adjust my shoe lacing, but it made little difference.  After feeling like a failure for walking (even though I knew it was my only choice), I decided that my foot hurt just as much running as it did walking at that point.  I had already turned off the Garmin in a moment of defeat.  I could not stand to see the pace numbers.  But I knew where I was on the route and how much farther I had to go.  I started running and finished the last mile in pain but on a good pace.  The swelling is not as bad as it was last week, but it is still sore today.  My Vibram Five Fingers are the only shoes that don’t bother the bunion.  I don’t worry anymore about this keeping me from finishing the marathon.  The taper and the decrease in mileage leading up to the marathon should be all the healing I need.  What I do worry about is getting through this next training week.  If I can do that, I think it’ll be all good from there on out.  100 miles to run before the marathon!


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