Preparing for the New Year


I don’t have much to report as far as my foot is concerned.  I’ve been on my feet entirely too much today, and it is starting to hurt again though not as much as it was.  Yesterday while I was coaching the kids, I felt like I could have run a couple of laps but was wise and did not.  I hate not being able to run and hate the uncertainty, so I am trying to channel my energy into more productive outlets like gearing up for the new year.

I don’t make resolutions anymore, but instead I started writing a list of goals for the next year.  As I sat down with my list this year, I think I did pretty well.  There were two items I could not cross off.  One of those is close to being accomplished and hopefully needs just a few more weeks (it was a work goal about publications).  The second item was to test for my blue belt in jiujitsu.  I would have been ready to test, but because of how the whole system is set up I did not have a chance.  So, not accomplishing that goal was really out of my hands.  As I sit down today to write down my goals for the next year, I am excited.  There are a lot of fun adventures on the horizon, and I feel like I finally have the tools to make some really good things happen.  Finishing the marathon would be a really great start to the year (hint, hint, foot!).

I’m trying to prepare the blog for the new year too.  I’ve enjoyed having an outlet to record the journey and working on my writing voice, which will help me a lot in one of my big goals for this year.  I don’t have a running buddy or really any runner friends in town, so I’ve also benefitted greatly from finding a little network of blogging runners who have made me feel not so alone in these crazy adventures.  I’ve started adding some in my blogroll on the side (still working on getting that organized).  Since everyone else online seems to be creating their race lists for the next year, I’ve tried to do the same to keep me motivated.  There are not a ton of longer races around here, and it’s too hot for me to race in the summer.  I’m looking forward to using the spring to decrease my long runs from the marathon program and work on doing more short runs and some speed work.  I’m also looking forward to having time to go back to TaeKwonDo and work on unfinished business there as well as incorporating a lot of bike cross training.  And since I’d like to try my hand at a tri sometime, I’ll see about working on my swimming during the summer when it’s too hot for anything else.

Happy New Year!


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