I Am Running That Marathon!


I’ve been going back and forth with myself for the last week about whether or not to try to run the marathon.  Finally, the decision became clear to me today.  My foot feels good walking in well-cushioned shoes.  If I can walk, I am going to run that marathon.  Sure, running hurts right now, but I can live with pain.  Heck, I have received numerous awards for my athletic participation while injured.  In high school they created a “Die Hard” award for me because of my ability to play soccer through any sickness or injury.  And I went through some pretty bad stuff that year too.  In college the Army ROTC Ranger group created and award called the “Spirit of the Bayonet” award for my ability to still kick butt even though for a while I had a nasty knee injury that made me cry any time I was not running.  Seriously.  There’s also the 12 hours of labor I went through before getting an epidural and the two c-sections I endured.  Pain does not scare me.  Plus, I figure that by mile 16 everything is going to hurt so bad and be so tired that my foot won’t matter much anymore.  I’ve given up on my goal time of 4 hours and will be content to simply finish my first marathon.  I am only just beginning this journey.

So, we are leaving for Orlando tomorrow.  The finish line of the training program is fast approaching.  It’s hard to believe how long it has been and how far I have already come.  I look forward to seeing how much I can continue to improve and all the fun opportunities that lie down the road.  I am nervous and excited.  I can’t believe how much running stuff I have to pack for this trip.  I am obsessively checking the weather, and I’ve decided I need to plan for several different weather scenarios.  Which means bringing a lot of different clothing options.  And then there’s the hat, gloves, arm warmers, ear warmers (don’t think I’ll need those but you never know), jacket, Bodyglide, race belt, Tinkerbell to clip on race belt, Gu, Gatorade and food for the room, etc. etc.  I think I could trek across Europe with all this gear!

I am grateful for the opportunity to accomplish a long-time goal.  I am thankful for the support of my family and friends (including new bloggie friends…thanks, Janae).  Now let’s get out there and DO this thing!



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