Post-Marathon Run


After running 26.2 miles last weekend, you would have thought I’d had enough.  You would have thought I’d be happy for a break.  While I admit that I am happy not to be tied to the strict marathon training schedule, I have really missed running.  I’ve been sluggish and cranky.  So much so that even my dear husband commented that he thought I needed to go for a run.  I’ve had some lingering inflammation in my right knee and ankle, so I had been holding off on running until that improved.  Yesterday the ankle and knee both felt much better, so I decided to go for a run this morning.  Just a short, slow run to get back in the swing.

First, it felt GREAT to be out on the road running again!  My body has been longing for that and was SO HAPPY to be back at it.  BUT THEN I didn’t get too far before realizing I am not quite ready to be out there blazing again.  I still have some tightness in my left hip, and my right knee and ankle started to feel sore and swollen right away.  Taking this as part of my recovery process, I was not disheartened.  I would run until the pain got really bad and then stop and walk until it felt better.  Then repeat.  I only went a little over 2 miles, but hey, I’m still recovering and will be a little better every day.  I’m just glad to be RUNNING!!

My marathon journey has also been an inspiration and encouragement to two friends who said they are ready to try it.  I’m happy that now I can help coach and encourage them through their journey to the marathon.


One thought on “Post-Marathon Run

  1. GREAT JOB!!! I totally relate with you…when I am grumpy Billy tells me to get out and run. Awesome that you are listening to your body and realizing what is too much….. it really is the best to be able to share your passion for running with friends, love it! Have a great day! I am so glad you liked the avocado on your sandwich!!

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