Marathon training has wreaked some havoc on my toes.  My right middle toenail was removed at the marathon finish line.  My left middle toenail likewise needed to be removed.  I have to say that although the pain my nail caused me during the marathon was rather horrible, the finish line removal was much preferable to what I experienced today.  First of all, it cost me $200.  Toenail removal at the finish line was a free service and minimally invasive..  Second, the process started by receiving two large shots on both sides of my toe.  The injection process took about a minute on each side.  It was a stinging and burning sensation.  Plus, it involved needles in my toe.  Hello, fun way to spend a Friday afternoon?  Anyway, once the injections were done my toe immediately started to swell to about four times its regular size.  I was going to take a picture, but it was too disgusting.  About ten minutes later the doctor returned and yanked off the nail.  That was a walk in the park compared to the shots, but it is starting to hurt now that the pain meds are wearing off.  This is what it looks like now.

The two red spots at the base of the toe are the injection sites.  Ouch.  After I picked up the kids, I thought we all deserved a treat.  We went to a new make your own yogurt sundae place that just opened.  I had this yummy goodness.


One thought on “Toenailectomy

  1. Yep….I’d say you deserved it! Yum! I have only been running for a little over a year so I was really shocked that my middle toe nail just fell off one day. It was weeks after a race so I wasn’t expecting it. It must have been ready to go because there was no pain.

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