Athleta Second Wind Skort


As girls, we all know how something new and pretty can help us to turn around a bad day or a bad mood.  We know that a mani-pedi, cute new shoes, a new haircut or style, pretty new purse, or that great new outfit can be a great boost to our self esteem and outlook.  I find the same thing to be true when it comes to workouts.  So, I was excited to be able to try out my new Athleta Second Wind Skort on the treadmill (it’s too cold to run outside in a skort this week, but I’ll be wearing it out there this weekend).

Try to get over the fact that my legs are white as snow and apparently I need a smaller shirt because this one makes me look like I have 50 extra pounds poking out.  Focus on the skirt because it is cute!  I got the size small in black.  The fit is pretty loose and low on the hips, but there is an internal drawstring that you can cinch up so you don’t need to worry about looking like a fool with your skirt on the ground.  The fit is flattering and comfortable.  The shorts underneath are made of a mesh material called Powermesh, and I did not have any problem with them riding up during my run (but that is not typically a problem for me).  My one complaint was that I don’t usually run in a tight short, and I felt that while these were breathable they would be too hot in a Mississippi summer.  Other than that, the skort was great.  I felt great, looked cute, and after my run I could throw on a hoody and feel comfortable grabbing Starbucks or picking up the kids.  I love the reflective detailing on the back and the zip pocket for storing keys, Gu, candy, cash, etc.

I also love the pleats in the front which give the skirt an unexpected femininity and also add to the movement and breathability of the skirt during the run.  At $54 the price is a bit higher than comparable products, but this will be one of my favorite running bottoms and seems to be of a quality that will last a long time.


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