Road ID


Do you have a Road ID?  If you do, which one and what color do you have?  Do you have a good inspirational saying on yours?  Like making those silly doctor’s appointments, this is one of those things I knew I should do but kept putting off.  Running or biking in my neighborhood is a sketchy situation.  The loop around the neighborhood is perfect except there are no sidewalks, the road kind of just drops off several feet into a ditch or into woods in several places, the road is barely big enough for two-way traffic, and people drive like it’s a NASCAR speedway (not that I know anything about NASCAR other than they drive in a circle really fast).  I often contemplate the possibility of being smooshed by a car and what would happen to me.  Plus, in case your head has been in a hole in the ground, it actually happens pretty frequently.  In college I knew a guy who was killed on his bike when a delivery truck hit him.  If I am one day passed out or otherwise in need of attention, I want to make sure I can be identified and my husband called.

I got the basic black because it goes with everything and won’t show my dirt.  I thought about getting the interactive, but I went with the classic version for now.  Mine says “Carpe Diem” on it because I think it summed up a lot of my feelings about training all in two simple Latin words.  Which is also perfect since I studied Latin for 6 years.

When I ordered, they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends. Here’s the coupon number:

Coupon Number: ThanksKim4200182

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 03/24/2011. To order, simply go to or click the link below:



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