Time to restock the medicine cabinet.


This has been a really crazy week at work.  I have a lot more students this semester, and we are one week out from spring break (WOOHOO!!).  We are all up in the middle of exams in all of my classes.  Plus today I had to deal with a newspaper reporter doing a cool story about the student I mentor (clearly I am doing an awesome job of mentoring…or she’s just awesome), I had to meet with one of the girls I advise for senior honors thesis projects, we had a farewell lunch for a colleague, and I had to work on arrangements for taking 7 students to NYC next month.  It’s great to have so many great things going on, but it has really put the hurting on my training this week.  Like yesterday when I had to cut my hill workout short because I got a message from the dean’s secretary saying she just had to talk to me right away.

So….I am glad that spring break is just around the corner.  And I am glad that these new shoes arrived today.

I have never used clipless pedals, but my new bike has them and it is time to learn.  Hubby is anxious for me to be able to try them out, and he says he wants to be there with the video camera the first time I go out to ride in them.  He anticipates some pretty good footage to share on Youtube.  Something like this…

But hopefully not this…

Wish me luck before I head out to the store to stock up on cute bandaids.  Other plans for the weekend include a 7 mile run in the morning before a Taekwondo class and teaching a Jiujitsu class.  Attempting to ride clipped in on Sunday.  Grading sky high pile of exams and reviewing 10 conference papers.  And more bike riding with the kids (tonight my 7 year old was making me do bike “tricks” with her, and my 4 year old was scaring me to death speeding around in circles after less than a week with no training wheels…he may need those bandaids just as much as I do).


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