More Irish Luck – First Duathlon Success!


My Irish heritage again brings me luck in another St. Patrick’s Day themed race.  I was excited to try my hand at a duathlon because it lets me try out a tri without the swimming component.  I am a total newbie on the bike.  I have only been riding my road bike for 4 weeks.  I just learned how to use the clipless pedal.  I can generate a fair amount of speed, but I really have no idea what I am doing.  I don’t know about transitions.  I know how to run, how to put on my helmet, and how to ride a bike.  So, I was humbled by the whole experience of yesterdays race.  Still, there are not many opportunities to even try something like this, so I went in nervous but ready to have fun and laugh at myself.

The duathlon was a 2 mile run-10 mile bike-2 mile run in a nearby neighborhood that is still in the development phase.  The run was through the neighborhood.  The bike took you out onto a country road as well.  I started out strong on the run, and I was a little surprised when 0.5 miles in I looked down at Mo (my Garmin) and saw that I was running a 6:45 mile.  Wowzers…too fast!  I am really bad at pacing myself. I slowed down a little, but was still surprised to find that I easily ran the two miles at a 7:30 pace.

Next was the bike.  I had a little trouble getting going and clipped in and going, but I laughed at myself and got it all figured out.  This was definitely my weak link, but it was not too bad.  I did not fall and think I did a more than adequate job considering my complete newbie status.  I didn’t know the course and was a little surprised by the amount of climbing in the first half of the course…this is where a few guys passed me.  But again, total newbie.  And I passed one guy on the climb.  It was all a learning experience.


My legs were a little gooey getting off the bike and trying to run.  For the first half a mile they felt like bricks, but I just kept them going and telling myself that if I can run a marathon I can push out this little bit.  Soon my legs started to get the hang of running again.  After a 9:00 mile I sped up a little and ran my last mile at a 8:00 pace.  This also let me pass by those guys who had caught up to me and passed me a little on the bike.  I finished the whole event in 1:12.  I was the second overall female with the first (half my age) finishing just over a minute ahead of me.  My only real goal was to not crash on the bike, so I more than surpassed my own expectations.  Hubby was like “wow…if you actually trained you’d really be good at this.”

Here is a closeup of the medal and giant rock trophy I got.  I really love them both, but I am not sure what to do with the rock.

Then I got to celebrate again last night as my boy, Urijah Faber, got his first UFC victory!!  You know I was freaking while he was fighting and then freaking out when he won!


One thought on “More Irish Luck – First Duathlon Success!

  1. Wow! Way to go!!!! That sounds like my kind of race! I’d much rather train for that event than a marathon actually!

    I DID think of you while Urijah was fighting! I was NOT intimidated by his opponent. I thought Urijah controlled the whole fight but I sure would have liked to have seen a submission.

    You could use the rock as a door stopper when you open your front door?

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