The Next Step


I stopped posting about running because, frankly, I still wasn’t running.  A few weeks ago I submitted my binder applying for promotion and tenure at my university.  Only now have I realized how much the past year leading up to that event resembles the final year leading up to the defense of a doctoral dissertation defense.  All of your mental and physical energy is devoted to that single task.  You reach that milestone, you stop for a minute to survey the steps it took for you to reach this point, you stop to breathe, and you realize you can finally work on getting the pieces of yourself you have dropped along the way.  

I have managed to do a little bit of running, which included running in my first “race” since that day two years ago when I got very sick.  I was motivated to start again because of a tragic event that happened to a close friend this spring.  He is a special person with a contagious smile and joy for life.  He has never met someone who is not a friend.  He loves the Lord and loves running.  One afternoon he was taking part in a charity run for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing when he collapsed in cardiac arrest.  He nearly died, and the prognosis was not good.  He continues to fight his way back to health in rehab today, but is already defying the odds.  Some friends held a charity run to benefit him and his wife (one of my very best friends), and my whole family decided to run.  I could think of no better reason to face my fears, conquer my own weakness, and honor my friends.  Since then I also ran in one other 5k along with my son that was a benefit for the kids’ school.  I am learning to enjoy the running, to leave the “racing” behind, and to find myself again.

I don’t know how much I really have to share about my running journey anymore.  I am not racing.  I am not fast.  I cannot be.  I struggle quite a bit with the lingering effects of illness.  I am, however, on a new journey and plan to share that on this blog.  I’m sorry to anyone looking for running posts, but this is now going to be about our new adventures in homeschooling.


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