Finding Our Pace


We are still working to find the right pace for Brilliant B, and that is more difficult since I am at work half the week and working from home with her the remainder of the week.  Last week I purposely kept the schedule kind of light since I knew we were all going to need some time to adjust to the new learning lifestyle.  Brilliant B said it was too easy.  So, this week I scheduled more work and picked up the pace.  It turned out to be a little too much work for her.  Perhaps this week has been a lesson in quality over quantity.  Brilliant B called me in tears today about not having enough time to finish her history assignment for the day.  I got to talk to her about how this is supposed to be fun and that homeschool should never bring her to tears.  If it is too hard or too much one day, that is ok.  We will tackle it together the next day or even the next week.  I reminded her that she is brilliant, that we are both learning, and that she should just take a deep breath and enjoy learning.  I had already scheduled a day full of fun assignments tomorrow in honor of Halloween, and it turns out that is probably just what the professor would order.


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