I have to admit there have been moments since we decided to homeschool until now where I have second guessed my decision.  Once in a while I doubt myself.  Most of the time I am just sad about taking B away from some of her friends.  Her last day at school and the outpouring of love from her friends was heartbreaking for me.  I had that same gut-wrenching pain last week when we went to mass at school and all of the girls in her class came rushing over to hug her.  She has friends she sees every day of the week at dance, but it still makes me sad.

Then there are the times when I know we have made the right decision.  I see her excitement over learning so many new things in math and grammar over the past two weeks.  I see her excitement over learning Russian.  I see her willingness to take on reading bigger, more challenging books just for the sheer enjoyment of reading.  Her love for learning has returned.  Another big sign for me came in the form of her class web site (which I have been checking to see where they are versus where we are).  Apparently according to the new common core standards the books that are normally covered as literature studies in class are now considered too difficult.  So, 4th grade is now even less of a challenge.      More challenging literature was really the one thing that I liked about 4th grade, and now that is also taken away from the curriculum.  I am so glad that we listened to our guts, took a leap of faith, and ended the downward spiral when we did.


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