A Little Bit Lazy


Earlier this week Brilliant B started to fall into a bit of a lazy streak.  This behavior was part of the reason I pulled her out of school in the first place.  I am at work at the beginning of the week and leave Superdad in charge of managing the schooling.  Unfortunately, that kind of broke down at the same time the laziness started.  Maybe they fed off of each other.  Nevertheless, I was appalled when I saw what Brilliant B handed in as the summary of her history reading.  The writing was atrocious and there were several spelling errors.  Superdad never read it, and they never finished the assignment.  As a result, we had a very long day of schooling yesterday to make up for the lazy days and bad habits.  I talked to Brilliant B about all the things wrong with her history assignment and what I expected in the future.  I explained that I knew she was a far better writer than that paper showed, and I wanted her to show me her best work.  So, she actually had homework last night and spent an hour re-writing her history assignment.  She was excited to read the final product to us and was very proud of her work.  I think she got the point.


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