A Season of Thanks and Giving


Legohead L is home from school this week, and he has gotten to help Brilliant B finish up some of her schoolwork that we did not complete last week.  There were a few assignments to finish as well as some fun activities like writing an A-Z list of things you are thankful for as well as Thanksgiving Mad Libs.  Today we watched a movie about Squanto and the first Thanksgiving.  After talking about all of the blessings in our lives and how thankful we were, we headed out to our shopping mecca (also known as Target) armed with the gift wish lists of our Angel Tree kids and a family that L’s class has adopted for the holidays.  Every year we choose two kids off of the angel tree who are around the same age as B and L and allow them to do the shopping for those children.  I love that at a time when people are asking them what they want for Christmas that they can be focused on the needs and wants of someone else.  They so enjoyed picking out gifts that they thought their children would enjoy, but we were all pretty exhausted by the time the cart was full.



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