Black Friday




I hate Black Friday.  I don’t like shopping on a regular day.  I view it more like a necessary evil.  So, there is really no deal good enough to make me go out in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving with a bunch of other crazy people just to save a few bucks.  I’ll save even more by just staying at home and going to sleep.

Online shopping is more my speed.  There is little that my kids would really use, and so they actually prefer to get more practical gifts like pajamas, clothes, books, etc.  Enter the realm of curriculum as a gift, and we are both happy.  Living and Learning at Home posted earlier this week about Black Friday deals for homeschoolers.  I made two great purchases from Harmony Fine Arts: a unit for this spring on Degas and Prokofiev and the grade 5 ancient art and the orchestra curriculum to use next year.  I also found 3 lapbook units for use this year at A Journey Through Learning: Russia (we are trying to include some study of Russia since B is learning Russian and in love with all things Russian as many Russian trained ballerinas are), Turtles (Brilliant B loves them), and Little House on the Prairie (in our literature plan for the spring).

I got an email this morning that Currclick will be announcing some Cyber Monday deals the morning of December 2, so I’ll be sure to check that out as well.  Comment with any other deals you have found!


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