I resolve not to make a resolution.


It’s that time of year when we are forced to assess our lives as we enter the new year and decide how we want to make things better. I, however, have been against making “resolutions” for most of my life. Resolutions are vague and basically doomed to fail from the beginning. How do you attack “eat healthier”, “workout more often”, “lose weight”, “spend more time with my family”, or “make time for myself”? How do you measure success?

A resolution without a plan is nothing more than a dream.

Definitive goals require strategic planning and well-placed milestones. Try to break down your resolutions in that way and you are much more likely to keep, meet, and exceed your expectations. For example, I asked Brilliant B to write down some of her goals and wishes for 2014. One of her resolutions was to eat healthier. So, we sat down and talked about what it means to eat healthier and how she can meet that goal. In the end, we decided on two areas where she could improve: (1) choosing healthy snacks (and I agree to stock up on these and make them easily accessible to her through the day) and (2) eating more fruits and veggies (her goal is to start out with 3/day and work up from there to 5/day).

How can you turn your resolution into a goal and plan for success?



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