This week Brilliant B is completing an assignment that asked her to consider a cause that is important to her and how she could use social media to promote her cause.  I had no idea what she might choose and was really proud when she decided on bullying.  I know there was a little bit of bullying going on at her Catholic school.  Some kids just have aggressive personalities that make them come across as bullies.  I don’t know if it is worse or just different in the public schools.  I guess I lived in a bubble, but until recently I never quite understood how much worse it is than when I was in school.  I also don’t know what we can attribute to that change.  Secularism in the schools?  Breakdown of the family unit?  Technology and social media?  All of the above?


Edudemic posted an article a few days ago about cyber-bullying, and it contained a statistic from no-bullying.com that 81% of young people think that bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.  It’s a lot easier to reach people than ever before, and it is a whole lot easier to hurt someone when the bully can hide behind a screen like the coward he/she is.  They also have a list of their favorite anti-bullying slogans.  Some of our favorites were:

Tweet this: stop the bullying.

Jesus wasn’t a bully.

Bullying is for losers.

Brilliant B decided to turn her assignment into a a real social media campaign amongst her friends.  Join her campaign with #bulliesareweak.


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