Our Month in Books


What Brilliant B read in January

B is 10 years old and loves reading American Girl books, so she finished a few of those.

She was thrilled to find the Girl of the Year is a ballerina who loves fashion just like her, so this book was a big hit.

Her American Girl book club at Currclick started their series about Caroline this month.

Felicity Learns A Lesson fit in perfectly with the causes of the American Revolution, the tea tax, and what it must have been like to have to choose sides even if it meant losing a friend.

B also finished reading A Christmas Carol, which we had started before Christmas break.  When she finished we enjoyed curling up and watching the movie on a Friday afternoon (the Patrick Stewart version…my favorite).

This version of A Little Princess was by far her favorite book of the month.  She simply could not stop talking about how much she loved it!  This weekend we watched the movie, and she liked it almost as much (but said the book was better).

What I Read in January

After a wild reading frenzy in December, I did not complete too many books in January.  The start of a new semester and a return to research always slows me down a bit.  I read A Christmas Carol and The Little Princess along with B.  In addition, I read:

The writing in A Guide to Battles of the American Revolution was pretty dry, but it contained interesting facts and summaries about the battles and skirmishes of the Revolutionary War.  We are only covering a select sample of battles in our studies, but this provided some background that is not found in typical elementary books.  I liked it as a teacher’s supplement.

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