Introducing…Catholic Homeschool Week


Last week was Catholic Schools week for L since he is still enrolled in school there.  If you aren’t familiar with Catholic Schools week, it is the time every year when you register your kids for the following year.  The students are often recognized at Sunday mass, the schools celebrate the tradition of Catholic education, and the kids get to have fun celebrating with various themes throughout the week.  B said this week is really the only thing she has felt like she was missing about being at school.  So, I started the first annual Catholic Homeschool week tradition at our house.  As it turned out, we were iced in half the week with L’s school closed for three days, so they both got to celebrate.

The first part of celebrating was that we got to play in the snow sleet and ice that is rare in Southern Mississippi.  It was pretty fun.  The second part was that there were different themes each day that included: bring a stuffed animal to class day, pajama day, career day, favorite character day, and mis-matched clothes day.

We are going to have to complete the crafts this week since some of the pieces I ordered did not get delivered in time due to the weather, but the kids each researched a few saints  and completed a mini-report with this printable from Catholic Icing.  They loved learning about St. Luke, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Katherine Drexel.  They loved this activity so much that they asked to do it again so they can pick their own patron saints and decide on a patron saint of our homeschool.








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