Our Month in Books


What Brilliant B read in February

I am a proud momma who is thrilled to see her daughter’s joy for reading has returned.  For a while I was having trouble keeping up with reading material for B!  As part of our study of the Revolutionary War, she read this book about the life of Abigail Adams.

This book about the constitution was also part of our Revolutionary War study.

I had picked this book about Frederick Douglass’ daughter Rosetta during an Amazon sale, and B said it was fantastic.

This was another Amazon sale book.  There is a follow-up book coming out this spring that we have already pre-ordered.

Our adventure into the Hunger Games series continued with Catching Fire.  The final line of the book has become sort of famous in our house.

B’s American Girl book club continued their study of Caroline with this book.

B also read the next book about the Girl of the Year, Isabelle.  This one talks about fashion design and The Nutcracker, so it was a bit hit.

What I read in February

B beat me out of the water this month.  The only book I finished was Catching Fire.  I’m in the middle of several books, and maybe I’ll actually finish some over spring break in a couple of weeks.

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