Favorite Games



We are a family that loves games. Ok, I admit that the kids probably like Minecraft best of all, but there are a lot of other games that we love to play together. I’ll share a little secret of mine with you as well. When it is “school time” and one of the kids asks to play a game, I usually say yes. For one thing, playing games during school is pretty awesome. Plus, we have so much fun that nobody even thinks of it as school (even though it is). Classically Homeschooling commented on our discussion of how games can be used as informal logic curriculum.  That got me thinking about how we use games in our home, and I thought I would share some of our favorites as well as some that are on my wish list.

Our current favorites:

1. Trouble – There are countless varieties of this basic, classic game.  We love them all.  (Note: The Star Wars version is particularly fun because the popper sounds like R2-D2.) It also builds math skills and teaches strategy.

2. Life – I’ll probably have to write a whole post about the lessons you can learn from this game.  We love both the board game and the iPad version for long car trips.

3. Brainquest Presidents – Both kids are fascinated by the Presidents and the White House, and chances are that the adults will find some of the questions a challenge and will learn something too. Brain Quest Presidents

4. Professor Noggin’s Revolutionary War – B just finished studying the Revolutionary War, so we have used these as part of her lessons as well as a fun, family game. Educational Trivia Card Game – Professor Noggin’s American Revolution

5. Geobingo USA – The whole family gets involved in this game and has so much fun that they don’t even realize they are practicing geography.  They like it so much that I plan on getting the world version next year. GeoBingo USA – Educational Geography Board Game

6. Chinese Checkers – My parents taught the kids how to play last summer, and they were immediately hooked on the game.  It is also a great game for developing strategy.



1. Equate – I absolutely love how this game makes you re-orient your thinking about solving math problems and prepares students for algebraic problem solving.  We are definitely adding this to our homeschool next year. Equate: The Equation Thinking Game

2. Monopoly – Another classic that teaches math, strategy, real estate, and financial planning.  I have been waiting for them to get a little older before we delve into this game, but I think they are about ready for it.

3. A national parks game – There are national parks versions of games such as Monopoly, Memory, Yahtzee, and Uno.  At some point I’d like to do a unit study on the national parks, and these games would be a fun tie-in with those lessons. Yahtzee National Parks and Uno National Parks

What are your family’s favorite games?


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