Our Month in Books


With spring break falling in the middle of this month, it meant Brilliant B took a little break from school and reading quite as much as usual.  I, on the other hand, used the opportunity to make process on the pile of books I have on my iPad and desk.

What Brilliant B read in March

The American Girl book club finished their readings about Caroline with this third book.

B also finished the last book in the series about the Girl of the Year, Isabelle.  As a dancer, she especially loved these books.

This was also B’s first month in an online book club through the Duke University Talent Identification Program,  and they read this book (also featured as part of this post).  It is a really fantastic book with a creative plot as well as a lesson about technology and environmentalism.

B really loves the “Who Was” and “What Is” series of books, and she read this as part of her Dr. Seuss birthday unit.

We spent a week studying Catherine the Great and used this book as literature to go along with the history component of our study.  B enjoyed this so much that she asked to read other books in the Royal Diaries series.

Finally, we finished our literature study this month talking about the structure of fairy tales, and Russian fairy tales tied in perfectly behind Catherine the Great (and B’s interest in Russian history).


What I read in March 

I don’t read every single book that B does because I just could never hope to keep up with her given all the reading of journal articles I need to do for my job.  However, this month I also read The House of Power and Russian Fairy Tales.   In addition, I also read this book about a girl who needed a heart and the girl who gave it to her.

This was a suspenseful book about a crime hidden behind a growing cloud of Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, in honor of the movie release, I re-read these books:


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