When There Is No Substitute Teacher…


For the past week I was across the country at a conference for work.  I was at a place that I hear looks like this.


I, however, was so busy with work that 95% of the time my view looked a lot more like this.


The family did not come with me on this trip (though they do come on some), so for the first time we had to try to figure out how school was going to run without me.  So, what are you supposed to do when you need a substitute teacher for homeschool?  Does anyone else ever deal with this issue?

I left behind work that was a review, things I thought needed little explanation, and continuation of projects that we’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I left my husband in charge and hoped for the best.  Things got done, but they were a little sloppier and not as complete as I would normally expect.  Some math just got put to the side entirely because he could not explain it.  I came back feeling a lot of pressure because I know that the year is almost over for both of us (my teaching at the university and her 4th grade year), and I have to admit that I am stressed about the lost time even though our progress for the year is just fine.  Still trying to get over jet lag and relax…

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