Our Month in Books


We’ve been reading some bigger books recently, so our numbers were down this month.  Never fear, much reading is still happening as we near the end of the school year!

What Brilliant B Read in April

B was so excited for this book that she had it on pre-order and read it all the day it arrived.  She highly recommends it, and you can get it on the Kindle for just $2.99.

She also joined the Divergent bandwagon along with her friends and read the first book in the series.

Finally, she loved reading Little House on the Prairie in correlation with our study about westward expansion.

What I Read in April

I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the month traveling, which gave me a lot of time to read.  Following the Divergent theme, I read these two books:

I finally let myself finish the Hunger Games series.  I always hate reading the last book in a series I love because I can’t bear the thought of it coming to an end.



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