Can’t Catch a Break (No Pun Intended)


Last week was finals week at the university.  I was excited to officially end another year, have some extra time at home with the kids, and officially be an associate professor!  So many good things career-related things had happened for me lately, and I was riding a wave of excitement about what was next.  Then, in an instant, my plans came crashing down to the ground.  Literally.  I was leaving university graduation and ready to start the summer.  It was a rainy day, and I had my umbrella in one hand and graduation program and iPad in the other hand.  I don’t remember slipping on the wet concrete.  I just remember finding myself splattered on the ground.  I had saved the university’s iPad from destruction, but my right kneecap had taken the entire force of the fall onto the concrete (other than a minor cut on the palm of my hand).  I couldn’t get off the ground until someone came and offered a hand.  I should have known then I was in trouble, but the stubborn fool that I am continued to walk back to my office, to my car, and to drive myself home.  Finally, after a few hours at home with ice, I was much worse rather than better and ended up in the ER.  Friends, I broke my kneecap in half!  Now, if you Google images of broken patellas, there are some pretty gruesome images.  Mine looks more like this except that my leg is not a cartoon.



So, I’m pretty much stuck on the couch for the better part of at least 8 weeks.  So, I guess this means I will have lots of time to catch up on reading, make lesson plans, and do a lot of writing.  Plus, the kids get the chance to pick up some of my slack and get experience with more chores.  A lot of times it has been easier to just do things myself rather than take the time to teach them.  We are always so busy.  Well, now, they have to learn and don’t worry as much about failing because they know their best is still better than my total inability to accomplish the task.

Annoyed, but trying to see the bright side…



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