Our Month in Books


May has been an eventful month in our house.  This month marked the end of 4th grade for Brilliant B, which means we now officially have a middle schooler in the house.  Legohead L also finished 2nd grade at Catholic school and is now officially a homeschooled 3rd grader.  I officially received promotion and tenure at the university meaning that I now go by the title of associate professor.  I’m so excited about ALL of these momentous changes in our lives.

If you’ve been following along, you know that I also broke my knee at the university graduation ceremony.  I was in the hospital last week getting surgery on my knee.  Since I don’t really watch much television, I have read A LOT of books this month.  I’ve been couch-bound for the past 3 weeks (other than 2 days in the hospital) not feeling well enough to work or do much of anything else.  So, I basically just read and sleep.  That said, I’ll start out with everything I read this month.

First, I finished reading and discussing this book.

Also related to education and problems in our current education system, I finished these two books.

Brilliant B picked out this book as my Mother’s Day gift.  I really liked the book but strangely have no desire to see the movie.  I don’t think the characters in the movie can live up to how they were in my head.

I finished this whole series of books in just two days and loved them all.

I had gotten this as a Kindle daily deal a while back, and it was a fun read.

This was also a Kindle daily deal and the first of a series.  It was really interesting, and it definitely got me interested in reading the rest of the series at some point.


What Brilliant B Read in May

As part of our unit on the Civil War, B read and loved this book about Lincoln.

She read this book for her Duke TIP book club.  For the first half of the book she complained that she didn’t like it and didn’t want to read it, but she changed her mind towards the end.

B read the first of the Royal Diaries collection of books back in March while studying Catherine the Great.  She immediately asked for more.  So, this month got this book to read.

She also loves this series so much that we had this book pre-ordered.  She finished it the day it arrived.







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