Closing the Books on the First Year of Homeschooling


School's Out - Written on Chalkboard


It has been three weeks since B completed her first year of homeschool and L completed his last year in Catholic school.  I’ve had a lot of time to think about the journey to this point.  I never would have thought we would be a homeschooling family, but it started to enter my mind in a serious way about a year ago.  The decision to take B out of school last October was sudden, and I had little time to plan and schedule for the year.  A lot of times I felt like we were just winging it, but it still worked.  I liked having flexibility with our schedule, allowing B the opportunity to tailor her education to her interests, and spending more time with her.  Now I love homeschooling and can’t imagine our lives any other way.  I am so excited to have Legohead L home with us now for 3rd grade.

It hasn’t always been great.  I am so tired so much of the time as I juggle homeschooling, being a mom and wife, my career, and all of the kids’ activities.  I’m taking a lot of time this summer to get all of those things better organized (after all, I can’t do much else when I can’t walk), so I have hope that this year will be better.

B completed the equivalent of 4th and half of 5th grade.  We have not always had the best consistency when it came to devoting time to schoolwork, but we made it.  I know the key going forward will be better planning on my part and more time and energy spent on accountability by both my husband and myself.

B still cries when she struggles with schoolwork, particularly when it involves math.  However, she doesn’t have daily headaches and stomachaches like she did every day after school.  She isn’t angry and filled with angst.  She is not filled with tween drama and attitude.  She is a joy to be around now, and our relationship has never been better.

Overall, the experience has been nothing but positive and successful.  I am so glad that we took the leap of faith as a family and did what we knew in our hearts was best.  I feel so blessed to be able to give each child exactly what they need to grow and learn.  I am one proud homeschooling mom.


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