Westward Expansion


I’m backing up a little now to talk about some of the fun things we did during the last few weeks of school.  I never got around to posting this, so you are getting it now as I am trying to get everything filed and put away to officially close out this year.  Next year is just around the corner, and planning is beginning to take shape here.  So, I really need to get this off my plate.

We had a lot of fun learning about Lewis and Clark, Westward Expansion, and the Gold Rush!  Some of the highlights included this great video by National Geographic:

Brilliant B loved reading Little House on the Prairie and completed this lapbook from Knowledge Box Central to go along with the book.  Jamie over at Simple Homeschool also has this really cool Little House virtual field trip.  If you are reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, I highly suggest hopping over there for a look.  B constructed her own wagon out of paper.


She also let L help her to pan for gold one weekend.  We used this Gold Rush Panning Kit.



This was definitely one her favorite units, and I think it was so successful because of how we managed to combine literature, history, and so many fun activities.  I had not been able to do as much of that earlier in the year since there really has to be a lot of planning to make this come together well.  I’ll be working on this more as I start planning for the next year.



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