Summer Fun




So, we haven’t been to the beach or gone anywhere yet this summer.  Only one of the kids has even been to a pool this month.  I’m in physical therapy 3 times a week and teaching an online class this summer.  The kids have enjoyed the extra time to be totally immersed in their passions.



1. Minecraft.  B and L love Minecraft, and we let them get their own server to learn how to install mods and run it.  They’ve also been having fun live streaming videos.  L is either going to be the next big Youtube sensation or a scary hacker.

2. Dance.  B performed in a production of Swan Lake at the beginning of the month along with a former gold medalist at the International Ballet Competition and this year’s silver medalist.  These dancers literally take your breath away.  She also spent two weeks at ballet intensive and competition dance camp/auditions.

3. Art.  B suddenly discovered a new love of drawing this summer and has spent hours and hours drawing Minecraft skins and similar characters.  She even spent her own money to buy nice paper and markers.

4. Day camp.  B went to a literature camp where they learned about writing stories, children’s literature, and how to play quidditch!  She loved it!  I loved that I tricked the girl who claims she “hates writing” into thinking it was fun.  L went to a musical theater camp, and they put on a 30-minute show on the last day.  It was fantastic, and he came home asking to go again next year.

We’re starting school again in about two and a half weeks, so I’m going to get ready to start posting about those plans.  Until then, go soak up some summer sun!



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